minecraft space invaders game

Here’s another creation from Minecrafta2z, a Space Invaders game made in Minecraft. This is following a previous creation made to look like the game Pac Man, also made into a cool stop-motion video.

This time, the classic game Space Invaders was used as the idea for this latest stop-motion video painstakingly made with a canvas we already know as the Minecraft game, some Minecraft blocks and something else we call ‘a whole lot of time’.

The Minecraft Space Invaders stop-motion video clip was produced by arranging the Minecraft blocks frame-by-frame and taking screenshots in sequence to display a game of Space Invaders being played just like the good old days. Just to top it off, he even includes the classic 8-bit sound effects from the Space Invaders game.

Watch the video of the Minecraft Space Invaders game in stop-motion style below:



Pretty cool stuff there. Just imagine if musical note blocks in Minecraft could somehow be used too, it’ll make it even more awesome. Perhaps we’re asking for too much though.