minecraft steve avatar diamond armor vinyl action figure

It’s always good to have a set of diamond armor to go with your avatar while exploring in Minecraft, for you never know when a creeper can strike, or when you find yourself being trapped and surrounded by a bunch of blazes in the Nether.

Here’s one vinyl action that doesn’t live within the confines of the computer screen, but right on your desktop, a Minecraft Steve avatar action figured. Decked in full diamond armor complete with a diamond sword, he is here to save the day, while you daydream about an adventure in Minecraft.

The vinyl figure stands 6” tall, which is perfect as a desktop companion or for sitting proudly in a display case, which probably displays other Minecraft related stuff as well. One Minecraft-themed action figure that is sure to get one hyped up for a cave exploration.

The Minecraft Steve avatar diamond armor vinyl action figure retails for $29.99 from Jinx.