minecraft survival action figure toy set 1

Here’s a toy set that is made in the form of the characters and items found in the hit indie sandbox game, Minecraft.

minecraft survival action figure toy set 2

In this action figure set, there’s the main character known as Minecraft Steve, the default avatar for adventuring and exploring through the map.

Together with Minecraft Steve, are some basic necessities packed together such as the pickaxe, crafting table, bed, a chest, and sword.

With this toy set, one will be able to play Minecraft all day, even without a PC or console lying around. While there isn’t a map to explorer, it will still provide a bit of fun having it explore a real life world, adding a sense of freshness and dimension to the world of Minecraft.

A cool toy set that will be perfect for driving away boredom and also as a nice decorative set for a desktop or workstation to make it look less dull.

The Minecraft survival action figure set retails for $28.98 from Amazon.