minecraft themed creeper face mug 1

Here’s one mug that’s made specially for Minecraft gamers. Whether you’re in survival mode fending off mobs or in creative mode in the process of creating building your next creation, a sip from this mug is sure to keep you going.

minecraft themed creeper face mug 2

The Minecraft creeper face mug is made in the shape of a cube in the tradition of Minecraft, where most of the things in the game come in the form of blocks. Not only that, the most important feature which is the face of the mug is exactly what you see when a creeper manages to creep up behind your back and then right in your face when you turn around for a big surprise. One of the most notorious monsters that is truly unique in Minecraft.

The Minecraft-themed creeper face Mug retails for $14.99 from Jinx.