mini arcade cabinet with space invaders game

Folks who grew up in the age of classic arcade gaming will surely remember games such as Space Invaders and the arcade cabinets that housed such games. Here’s one mini arcade cabinet that brings the two of them back again, but in a much smaller form that couldn’t have been achieved back in the good ol’ days.

This mini arcade cabinet stands at 7” and has been packed with a GBA console as the main gaming console, hence the size. Apart from the GBA, the rest of the arcade cabinet was built by using medium-density fiberboard, glossy decals and mini joystick controls.

Watch the video of the Mini Arcade Cabinet playing Space Invaders in action below:



With the GBA as the gaming system, this mini arcade cabinet can not only play Space Invaders but also any other GBA games so long as there’s a game cartridge lying around. Unfortunately, with the small joystick controls it does seem quite impractical to play a serious game with this arcade cabinet. Besides using this mini arcade cabinet mod for some casual gaming, it’ll definitely be one hell of an awesome decoration piece for a gamer’s home as well.