simple buckyballs motor 1

Buckyballs are rare earth magnets shaped into small metal balls. The main component of a motor is a magnet that produces a magnetic field, and as some of us know, using a source of power and a coil of wire in addition to magnets one can produce a very simple motor.

simple buckyballs motor 2

Here’s one home-made motor that makes use of the magnetic energy produced from Buckyballs to create a battery-powered motor. Since the magnetic balls can be “sculpted” into various shapes, you can just use a bunch of them to create an entire motor without using a base or adhesive to hold the individual components in place, making it even simpler for science experiments.

Watch the video of mini battery-powered motor made with Buckyballs in action below:



A cool thing one can do with Buckyballs, apart from the other fun stuff that can be done as seen below.



A good toy to have around simply for killing time or for building amazing stuff with.