mini electronic finger drum set 1

Fancy beating up a rhythm to your favorite pop or rock tunes? Here’s one mini drum set so small it can’t be played with normal drumsticks but with fingertips. The mini drum set comes with five sensors on the surface of the drums that will produce sound via its speaker located at the bottom when your fingers drum on them.

mini electronic finger drum set 2

mini electronic finger drum set 3

Although the sound that comes out are only electronic synthesized drumming sounds and not acoustically produced from the mini finger drum set itself, it’s still quite fun and a seriously efficient time killer especially for times when you actually come up with a cool beat.

Product features:

  • Played with your fingertips. No drum stick required
  • Powered by 3 x AG13 batteries
  • Dimension: 93 x 82 x 92mm
  • Weight: 129g


The mini finger drum set goes for $15 at Brando USB.