mini LED torch with video camera

This is one flashlight that takes LED torches to the next level, one that comes with its own video recording device! LED torches are one of the most versatile gadgets one can own. Be it a camping trip or an emergency, it is always handy to have one lying around for illumination purposes. Having a 2-in-1 device like this is a must-have for gadget enthusiasts.

mini LED torch with video camera with microSD and mini USB slot

Packed into the tiny and portable shell of this LED torch is a 2 megapixel camera capable of capturing still images at 1600×1200 resolution and videos at 30fps. Definitely a space saver considering its small size and illumination abilities, allowing the user to capture special moments even at night.

The LED torch mini video camera comes complete with 8 LEDs, a micro SD card slot and a mini-USB jack for computer connections. The built-in 800mAH battery also ensures 10-hours of power for just the torch alone or 3 hours with both camera and lights running. Package includes a 4GB micro SD card. $59.99, buy from Amazon.