nes video game console cartridge 1

Cartridges made for video games in the past have already become obsolete as they have been replaced by optical media such as DVD and Blu-ray discs today. What better way to make use of them for various projects then?

We have seen NES cartridges get turned into other stuff such as flash drives, but here’s one that’s a little more ambitious which is fitting an entire NES console right within the confines of the NES game cartridge.

nes video game console cartridge 2

In comparison to the older generations of NES video game console of the past, electronics and processors have become more efficient and have significantly shrunk in size. This makes it possible to have the game processing power of the old NES console being replaced by a small chip called the NOAC.

In this build, an existing clone Famicom game system was disassembled and crammed right into the relatively small NES cartridge.

To make it a little more authentic-looking, modder dany32412 has also built a component to allow the console to accept inputs from the NES controller via an Arduino chip as included in his step-by-step instructions on Instructables. In order to play a game, an original working game cartridge has to be inserted perpendicularly to the mini Nintendo game system.

Watch the video of the mini Nintendo cartridge NES console in action playing some Super Mario 3:



The most interesting feature about the NES video game console cartridge has to be all those ports installed right on the cartridge itself, including the power switch and LED indicator. A cool DIY project that retro gaming fans can follow and build during their spare time.