miniature office chair for smartphones 1

Office chairs and swivel chairs. None of us are strangers to these chairs that are often used when sitting in front of the computer. However these are computer chairs not meant for humans to sit on, but for a much smaller object, and that’s a smartphone.

These realistic looking miniature version of office chairs come in a 1:6 scale to a real-life computer swivel chair and come in a range of colors that will be be able to match the different colors a mobile phone can be in.

miniature office chair for smartphones 2

miniature office chair for smartphones 3

Its actual purpose was probably not made to be primarily a smartphone stand to be honest, but the size of these miniature office chairs just happens to fit most models of smartphones in the market today and particularly the iPhone in its portrait mode.

One cool and unique-looking miniature chair that not only serves as a decoration on the table but also as a useful smartphone stand. Available in six colors from Japanese online retailer Red Mercury for 1,365 yen a piece.