mini scoop chip and dip bowl in one

Eating snacks that require dipping can be quite an inconvenience since everyone has only two hands, and it is impossible to hold a bowl for chips or nachos, a dip bowl and grabbing a chip and dipping it into the bowl at the same time in front of the TV. Here’s a two-in-one chip and dip bowl that will surely make one feel like a boss eating snacks that require dipping.

The Mini-Scoop server is a bowl made of an eight-alloy metal that is made to hold food pairings like chips and dip, making it a 2-in-1 crockery made for convenience. The sleek metal finishing is particularly the main attraction, and it not only makes food look more luxurious when used during a party or gathering.

One lovely-looking one-piece chip and dip bowl that comes with a beautiful finish.

The Mini-Scoop server bowl retails for $125 from Moma Store.