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Owning one of this mini travel iron, one will never find themselves caught with a wrinkled shirt while traveling. This mini electrical iron works with both 110V and 220V wall sockets found commonly across the world.

While its small size means that it’ll take longer to get the job done, it also works as a convenience as its more practical to carry around a mini electrical iron as opposed to a full-sized one. That is if one happens to be a neat freak who wishes to maintain their clothes as wrinkle-free as possible at all times during their trips.

The advantage of its small size also means it’ll work nicely on those nooks and crannies such as ironing around buttons and also for cuffs and necklines.

It runs at 25 watts, which doesn’t seem that plentiful to get it heated up as quick as conventional irons but it’ll provide sufficient heat for ad-hoc ironing tasks and also for hobbies and handicrafts such as sewing and doll-making.

The electric tiny travel iron goes for $18 at Brando.