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With the rise of portable media devices, there is an increase in choice for enjoying TV shows and movies compared to the traditional fashion of watching them in front of a television set. Here’s one way to make it look like you’re watching TV, even though it’s only from the screen of the iPhone.

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The Mini TV for iPhone is a stand for the iPhone that is much bigger and comes with more features. By amplifying the sound and making the screen of the iPhone look bigger, it makes watching videos and movies a bit more enjoyable.

It comes with a passive design that amplifies the sound coming from the iPhone and also, the screen of the stand is actually a magnifying lens that makes the image from the iPhone look 2.5x larger. Good for places such as the kitchen for watching TV shows while cooking without needing to hold it close enough to enjoy the show.

A convenient and useful iPhone stand that makes it perfect for watching videos and movies in either portrait or landscape orientation without the need for extra electrical power.

The Mini TV iPhone stand is compatible with iPhone 4/4S models and retails for $49.99 from Amazon.