mini usb powered light bulb 1

The electric light bulb with the tungsten filament is perhaps one of the greatest inventions in the modern world. This allowed humans to work at night with a reliable source of illumination using electricity, However the illuminative efficiency of filament light bulb compared to an LED light is just world’s apart.

mini usb powered light bulb 2

This cool mini USB powered light bulb captures the shape and look of the classic light bulb but the LED bulb it contains will only draw a small amount power such it can be powered from the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer. Just like the story behind why the filament light bulb was invented to allow humans to continue going about their lives even throughout the night, the mini USB powered light bulb also captures part of that essence albeit on a much smaller scale.

The mini USB light bulb comes with a stiff but flexible neck that allows the bulb to be adjusted in any way that will help to provide some illumination for performing tasks like typing on the keyboard in the dark. Available at Brando for $9 a piece.