miniature camera led keychain gadget

The flash of a camera is undoubtedly one of the most important feature most of us use to illuminate a subject in places without sufficient illumination. This cute miniature camera led keychain is a spin-off from its real counterpart that also offers illumination when its needed, just like at times when a camera’s flash is needed during a photo shoot.

However, unlike a real camera, this led gadget can’t take any photographs and the illumination from the single led within the keychain will not illuminate surroundings like the power of a real camera’s flash.

Fortunately the interesting part is that a camera’s shutter sound is simulated whenever the button of the miniature camera led keychain is pressed so it has the potential of becoming a useful prank gadget.

The small size looks rather suitable for one to whip it out quickly and use it at the right moment on a someone who has just got into an embarrassing predicament. Watch him/her beg you to remove the ‘photograph’ while you simply laugh away. The miniature camera led keychain retails for $8 at Brando.