mini cuboid 9v battery led torch 1

Here’s one cube shaped LED torch that doesn’t come with a casing for a battery, for the casing is made up of the battery itself. This tiny yet powerful LED torch comes with the necessary components in its tiny form, only needing the power source and in this case a 9V battery to complete the torch assembly. With the two components combined you get a handy and portable torch that can be carried around just about anywhere such as in the pocket or in a vehicle’s glove compartment for portable lighting purposes.

mini cuboid 9v battery led torch 2mini cuboid 9v battery led torch 3

mini cuboid 9v battery led torch 4

The cuboid LED torch will fit the common 9V battery that can be bought almost anywhere that sells batteries so finding a power source will not be a problem. It comes with two functions, where 4 of its white LEDs are used for conventional lighting purposes while the remaining two purple UV LEDS can be used to check the authenticity of bank notes. Selection of modes can be performed by sliding the switch located at the side of the cuboid LED torch to either side from the “OFF” position.

Product Features:

  • Cuboid 9V LED Torch – White 4-LED + Purple 2-LED
  • Simply to Plug and Use
  • White 4-LED: Illumination
  • Purple 2-LED: Bank Note Detection
  • 9V Battery x 1 piece (Included)
  • Cuboid Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.6 x 2.3 cm

A nice and handy portable torch that doesn’t come with any bells and whistles, but only in a very simply and useful design. Available for $10 from Brando Gadgets.