miracle-gro aerogarden indoor herb garden 1

Growing thriving plants indoors is not an easy thing to achieve, especially for apartment homes with windows that don’t face the sun during daytime. Even if they do, the plants do not grow as quickly as those planted outdoors.

miracle-gro aerogarden indoor herb garden 2

miracle-gro aerogarden indoor herb garden 3

Here’s one garden that is made to be placed indoors, the Miracle-Gro herb garden. With this artificial garden, there is no soil needed, and herbs growing in it will not be subjected to harsh weather outdoors while the garden provides light and circulates nutrients to its roots for it to grow.

Growing herbs indoors mean that they can grow all year round, and besides beautifying the living space, it provides access to herbs all year round for cooking and for adding flavors to beverages.

A cool indoor gardening system that is hygienic and hassle-free.

The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden comes with 7pods and starter herb seeds and retails for $148 from Amazon.