moby stapler whale shaped stapler 1

Most staplers usually come in a plain and common shape, which is a long rectangular form that we are all familiar with. Here’s one stapler that also comes in a rectangular shape when seen from the top, but when it is viewed from the side, it looks just like a whale.

moby stapler whale shaped stapler 2

moby stapler whale shaped stapler 3

This stapler called the Moby stapler is a stapler shaped in the likes of a whale. While it works no different from the normal one, the difference is that when it’s placed on the desk it comes with a presence, and will remind us of a famous whale of the same name.

A unique-looking and useful stapler that is perfect as a gift to a friend or colleague.

The Moby whale-shaped stapler comes in two colors, black, and white and retails for $18.99 from Animi Causa.