mocoro robotic ball mop floor cleaner 1

Don’t have time to spare for cleaning the floor? Leave it to this robotic mop that cleans the floor on its own. You don’t have to do anything much. Simply switch it on and it’ll clean dust off the floor by rolling around.

mocoro robotic ball mop floor cleaner 2

mocoro robotic ball mop floor cleaner 3

The Mocoro is a mop shaped like a ball. It comes with a microfiber cover that is made for picking off dust and dirt off the floor. An electrical weighted mechanism built into the ball makes the ball move along randomly across the floor. As it rolls along, dust and dirt gets picked up along the way and over time, you’ll see the floor get cleaner as time passes while you concentrate on other stuff around the house.

While it isn’t the most efficient floor cleaning robot, the bright color and movement adds a bit of fun to the house. Watching it roll around playfully does help one to relax, knowing that it is keeping the floor clean. In addition, the mop ball will be able to keep your pets interested and occupied throughout the day.

When the microfiber cover gets dirty, simply toss it into the washer for a cycle and it’ll be ready for another round of floor cleaning.

A cute little floor cleaning helper that is not only fun to look at but useful as well.

The Mocoro robotic mop ball floor cleaner retails for $58.48 from Amazon.