mogu bean bag tablet pc stand 1

Lounging lazily and relaxing on a bean bag can be pretty comfortable thing to do. Here’s one bean bag that isn’t made for a human to sit on, but for a tablet PC.

mogu bean bag tablet pc stand 2

mogu bean bag tablet pc stand 3

This beanbag called ‘Mogu’ is filled with powdered beans. The cover is made from an elastic material so it will be able to conform to different shapes as it supports the weight of a tablet PC.

All you need to do is to place the back of PC on the non-slip surface and the Mogu will be able to keep the tablet PC up. This will keep let you relax as well, keeping yourself hands-free while watching movies and video clips.

A tablet stand that is useful yet cute-looking with a bright color.

The Mogu tablet PC stand comes in 6 colors, black, green, pink, navy, red, white, and retails for $32 from Japan Trend Shop.