mos magnetic cable organizer 1

Cable organizers normally come with clips and velcro, but this contraption doesn’t make use of stuff like that. Instead it keeps the cable jacks in place using magnetic power.

mos magnetic cable organizer 2

mos magnetic cable organizer 3

The Magnetic Organization System, MOS in short is a sleek-looking and rounded triangular platform that is magnetically charged. It is simply a large magnet that will hold all the cable plugs of your gadgets in place.

Since the plugs of our electronics are metal, they will be magnetically attracted to to the magnetic platform and will not fall out of place. This way, all the plugs to all the gadgetry can be found in one spot for easy access and convenience.

A sleek-looking and simple way to keep the desk clutter free from messy cables and plugs.

The MOS magnetic cable organizer retails for $19.95 from Amazon.