motion sensing magic wand tv remote

While the age of motion sensing technology has hit the gaming industry, our traditional electrical appliances will need to keep up with the times as well. This is where the motion-sensing magic wand TV remote comes in.

Think about using the remote control in a way like never before, like waving the wand to the right for the next channel or to the left for the previous channel. A simple tap of the magic wand TV remote on the table can be made to play or pause the DVD player while a clockwise rolling movement will allow you to fast-forward to the next scene.

This creative-looking magic wand remote control works by learning up to 13 gestures that can be translated to different button commands found on your existing remote. The learning process is pretty straightforward, simply point the wand at the remote’s infrared sensor while pushing down the desired button followed by performing the desired gesture for its corresponding command.

The good thing about this motion sensing magic wand TV remote has to be the increased simplicity of controlling the TV and DVD player without having to juggle multiple remote controls, all you need is a thin wand held in the hand instead of the bulky rectangular ones that come with TV and set-top boxes today. It’s also good for older folks who have trouble figuring out how to use the TV remote as it’s definitely easier to remember how to control appliances by performing hand gestures rather than trying to press one correct button out of the dozens found on a TV remote. $89.95, Hammacher Schelmmer.