focus designs self-balancing unicycle sbu 2.0

Unicycles are often associated with circus acts but this is one motorized unicycle that makes anyone look like an expert without much effort.

The motorized self-balancing unicycle, aptly named ‘SBU’ is a single-wheel personal vehicle. There are no pedals or knobs found on this powered unicycle which makes it look quite different from any other form of transportation devices though. All the rider needs to do is to shift his/her balance while on the unicycle to change speed and direction.

For a personal vehicle like this self-balancing unicycle, the stuff that makes the system tick include a series of seven sensors that keep the rider in balance and an efficiency-boosting regenerative braking system that is able to restore a portion of power back into the SBU’s lithium battery on the go. A 1000-watt motor also ensures enough torque for the rider to travel on slopes and uphill terrain.

Enough of talk, let’s see the SBU 2.0 in action:


The SBU V2.0 self balancing unicycle can be purchased from Focus Designs at $1499.