mp3 cap mp3 cap underside

This MP3 cap is a headgear that delivers music unlike any other caps. It comes with speakers housed in a player module located on the visor cap which allows the wearer to engage in outdoor sports such as cycling and jogging while listening to tunes without the need of earphones.

The music player embedded in the cap is capable of playing digital music formats such as MP3, WAV and WMA files. It also comes with an FM tuner for listening to over-the-air broadcasts. USB connectivity is provided for charging the internal lithium ion battery as well as for transferring songs into the MP3 cap.

A 3-hour charge ensures an average playback of 30 hours of music which is pretty good for a portable MP3 player, especially for one that’s mounted on a cap. The player comes with 2GB memory which can be expanded to 8GB via microSD.

The good thing is that the MP3 module can be removed if the cap needs to be washed and earbuds can be hooked up if one wishes to listen to music in private. $99.95, Hammacher Schlemmer.