mp3 player disguised like a book

This is a rather unique and creative design for an MP3 player that we don’t see everyday. There are MP3 players that come in many different shapes and forms but this one is pretty much out of my imagination, an MP3 player that is shaped like a book!

Some reasons why anyone would want an MP3 player like this is probably a serious book lover who would buy anything that looks like a book or even someone who wants to fill up a missing spot on a bookshelf with something that’s both functional and complementary for events such as book club meetings. Some soothing background music while reading a book is definitely a great setup for an enjoyable night of reading for someone who always has space available on the bookshelf.

mp3 player disguised like a book features

Either way, this MP3 player disguised like a book will perform like a typical portable music player supporting MP3, WMA files and also traditional radio broadcasts. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged via USB. Available at Brando for $23.