Are you a fan of Lego who happens to like music as well? You’re in luck. This interesting item below is an Mp3 player disguised as a Lego brick, or the other way around depending on how you see it. Although these Mp3 players are not the official merchandise of Lego, they sure look like the real thing and will definitely be one of those must-get items for Lego fans out there.

Lego Brick Mp3 Player

The Lego Brick Mp3 player does comes with a waft of novelty and if you take a closer look you will notice that the controls are cleverly incorporated into the design as well by having the stacking bumps take on the role of the control buttons.

Sadly and unexpectedly, the player does not come with internal memory at all, meaning that you’ll have to get a separate microSD card to store the songs for playing with the device. Apart from that, the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will run for a reasonable 6 hours.

The Homade Lego Mp3 player retails for US$46 at Homeloo.

As of post time the players have all been sold out. Hopefully they will be restocked very soon.

via technabob