hanging chicken wing bbq rack

Barbecue chicken wings are usually the standard fare of BBQ parties, and having to cook them can be quite cumbersome trying guess the perfect time to flip so they cook properly. However with this cool BBQ rack chicken wings can simply hang around the rack and be left to cook with much less hassle.

Making use of this hanging configuration with the chicken wing BBQ rack allows more chicken wings to be barbecued in the same space compared to lining them directly on the BBQ the traditional way. Also, having them hanging just a little higher than usual prevents them from getting burnt easily, while allowing the chicken wings to cook more evenly in their upright position. In addition to that, with the space saved more food can be cooked on the BBQ grill at the same time.

With an interesting design for hanging chicken wings for barbequing, the rack looks to be multipurpose too. Perhaps it can be adapted for barbequing seafood such as shrimps as well. The hanging chicken wing BBQ rack is available for $14.99 on Amazon.