cute mr tea silicone infuser

Here’s one tea infuser that doesn’t come in a boring steel mesh or spherical ball, but comes in the shape of a man. Not only that, he comes with such a relaxing pose that will make one feel relaxed as well.

The Mr Tea is a tea infuser made of heat-resistant silicone. This tea infuser is shaped like a man as if he were relaxing in a nice hot tub. Fill the bottom half of the tea infuser with loose tea leaves and you’ll be able to brew a nice cup of tea in minutes. The holes at the bottom of the infuser will allow water to enter and mix with the tea leaves to make tea.

Unlike metal-based tea infuser, silicone is heat resistant so the tea infuser can still be held with bare fingers even after brewing in the hot tea for minutes. Having a cute tea infuser like this and having a nice cup of tea to drink will surely make one feel relaxed right away.

The cute Mr Tea silicone infuser retails for $9.99 from Perpetual Kid.