MSI SketchBook flippable keyboard

Netbooks have found their way into our lives since the birth of the Asus Eee PC and currently it has settled in a niche market that demands ultraportable computing on the go. Here is a new concept netbook by MSI that targets a niche audience for this market – artists and designers.

MSI SketchBook large touchpad

For artists and designers who suddenly get an inspiration to draw while sipping a cup of coffee at a cafe, the SketchBook is a high-tech alternative to the paper sketchbook allowing creationists to sketch and save their ideas quickly. Found on the other side of the flippable QWERTY keyboard is a large touchpad with dedicated keys as an interface to an image creation software.

Let’s just hope that this netbook will come readily equipped with suitable software and system robustness to support this creative purpose when it arrives.