mstand laptop stand 1

Here’s one laptop stand that lets one elevate a laptop computer, which increases free space on the desk.

The mStand is a laptop stand that is shaped so that it is able to support the base of a laptop. What this does is that it elevates the entire laptop, freeing up the space that would otherwise be taken up by the laptop. It also raises the height of the display screen, which will make it more comfortable for viewing at eye level.

With it, it will be possible to place stuff under the laptop such as accessories and documents. It will be suitable for times when the mouse is used most of the time with minimal typing, such as surfing around the internet or when viewing video clips. Besides giving yourself a little extra space below, it also allows for better ventilation, which helps since laptops tend to heat up fast.

A useful laptop gadget that will be useful for small desks.

The mStand laptop stand retails for $43.76 from Amazon.