mug with basketball hoop 1

Love playing with your food even though you’re told not to? Here’s one mug that lets you do just that.

mug with basketball hoop 2

This is a mug that comes with a hoop. Real basketballs won’t fit in it, but food like cereal bits and marshmallows will. The idea is to fill up the mug first with milk, and instead of pouring your cereal in, you can simply try to aim and toss them through the hoop.

No matter whether you get a shot or miss, you’ll ultimately still get a nice breakfast cereal to enjoy. On top of that, your shot will definitely improve so you’ll be an ace in your own right.

A cool mug that’ll surely get the young ones to eat breakfast regularly by making it fun.

The mug with basketball hoop retails for $24 from Uncommon Goods.