bluetooth wireless smart battery charger 1

Battery chargers as we know are necessary for charging batteries like AA/AAA rechargeable batteries for use in a wide variety of electronic gadgets. Here’s one smart battery that can not only charge batteries like usual, but also work as an external battery app and comes with its very own smartphone app.

bluetooth wireless smart battery charger 2

bluetooth wireless smart battery charger 3

The SkyRC NC 2500 is a battery charger for AA/AAA rechargeable batteries. It comes with smart functions such as analyzing the current level of individual battery cells and also a refresh function to clear the memory effect that plagues rechargeable batteries after repeated charging.

In addition, as long as there are charged batteries inserted, the charger will be able to discharge the power from the batteries through the USB port location as the side, This can be used for charging up other portable USB devices like smartphones, tablets and portable players.

On top of all that, it comes with Bluetooth made for wireless connectivity. With the coupled smartphone app you’ll be able to analyze the individual battery status like the current battery level and temperature as you charge the batteries.

A useful and multipurpose device that will be useful for many situations.

The multipurpose smart battery charger retails for $105 from Brando USB.