These pair of earrings somehow does what the title says. But its not what you think. Nope, not some high tech gadget or gizmo that runs on battery power. Anyway, the picture below shows it all.

Ladybuds Earrings

These earrings named Ladybuds crafted with Swarovski crystals, gold, sterling silver and silicone have an additional purpose. They not only look good when worn, but turn into instant earplugs when you place the silicone buds in your ears. Even when the buds are stuffed into the ears, the earrings still retain their exquisite feel. Perfect for the annoying chatterbox or to simply save your ears from noisy environments.

These Ladybud earrings come in two colours, gold or silver and go for US$30 (S$43.61) per pair.

Product page via Geekalerts