ball point pen with built-in paper shredder 1

Here’s one ballpoint pen that’s fit for those who aspire to be secret agents. This multipurpose ballpoint pen can not only be used for writing your secret messages, but also come with a built-in mini paper shredder so you can effectively destroy messages after they have been read.

ball point pen with built-in paper shredder 2

ball point pen with built-in paper shredder 3

Besides coming with a mini paper shredder, it also comes with an LED light which is useful for emergencies such as looking around dark corners and at night. A multipurpose ballpoint pen that will be quite useful for day to day use as well.

While to some extent it can fulfill some of the tasks that a secret agent needs, the bright colors will most probably blow your cover, so it’ll be more useful for practicing with friends like passing secret messages around and such. It would probably be even more secretive if the pen came with invisible ink and an ultraviolet light emitting diode instead.


  • Mini shredder pen with LED
  • Shredder contains two pieces of sharpened scroll blades
  • Functions like a normal ballpoint pen
  • One bright white LED with switch
  • Non-slip handle
  • Length: 15.5 cm

The multipurpose ballpoint pen with built-in mini paper shredder and LED light retails for $10 at Brando Gadgets.