duck bill smartphone stand 1

A smartphone stand is just a simple smartphone stand, until someone comes up with an idea to add multiple uses to it. Meet a smartphone stand just like that. Not only does it look quirky with the shape of a duck bill, it still does come with several extra purposes that you’ll surely find useful.

duck bill smartphone stand 2

duck bill smartphone stand 3

As mentioned earlier, this smartphone stand, called the iDuck stand from KONstore is shaped like a duck bill and made primarily to prop up a mobile phone like an iPhone. The back of the beak comes with a sucker that attaches the stand to the back of the mobile phone. When in place, it will be able to prop the phone up like a stand.

As for its other purposes, when the sucker is detached, the inside of the duck bill can be used as storage, anything from small mobile phone accessories to earphones. A nice little addition is a small hole that keeps the earphone jack in place.

Apart from acting as a stand and for storage, it still allows you to turn your smartphone into a duck by providing decals such as eyes a moustache for added personalization.

A cool smartphone accessory that is both multipurpose and creative-looking.