mushroom bluetooth speaker lamp 1

Portable speakers are useful gadgets that lets one play music from a variety of gadgets with audio sources like computers, laptops and smartphones. Here’s one mushroom shaped portable speaker that not only plays audio wirelessly via Bluetooth, but also comes with a set of other useful features.

mushroom bluetooth speaker lamp 2

Apart from its use as an audio output either from wireless Bluetooth or a wired connection via the standard audio connector, this speaker comes with a microSD card slot for playing MP3 files directly as well.

In addition, it also comes with embedded LED lighting, and together with its translucent body, will allow the mushroom to glow and work as a lamp when switched on. Toggling it on and off, and controlling brightness are made to be controlled using touch gesturing, making it intuitive for use.

A cool-looking gadget that not only functions as a lamp and speaker but also looks good enough on its own as a decorative item.

The mushroom shaped portable MP3 player, Bluetooth speaker, and lamp in one combo retails for $54 from Brando USB.