music pillow speaker

Need some music to help you sleep at night? This music speaker lets you turn an ordinary pillow into a music pillow to listen to music while you get to sleep. All that needs to be done is to plug the music pillow speaker into the audio output of a music player and slip it under the pillow to listen to music as your mind wanders off to dreamland.

The Pillowsonic pillow speaker is a stereo speaker that comes with a flat profile allowing the user to slip it under any pillow for listening to music comfortably while laying on the bed without the need of earphones or headphones.

If you have ever placed a set of speakers under a pillow you’ll notice that surprisingly, the music comes across pretty well and you’ll able to listen to music. The main reason is the fact that sound travels better through solids than air.

The difference with this pillow speaker is that unlike cuboid or round speakers they are flat in shape so there’s no difference in the way the user slumbers even with it sitting right under the pillow.

The music pillow speaker is available for $19.95 on Amazon.