A pencil that makes music? This Drawdio music pencil will let everyone make music… or rather squeaky electronic sounds just by scribbling with a pencil.


As the pencil is scribbled on paper or crosses other lines, a weird phenomenom occurs. Kids eyes brighten up and their mouths go wide open. If you don’t really know what I mean, you gotta see the video to check it out.

Not only can the pencil be used in the abovementioned way, people can hold hands while scribbling as musical duets. A very tiny harmless current actually goes through from the host bodies to generate a circuit, thereby creating the sounds. Probably you shouldn’t go around doing that with people having pacemakers or something.

Though it looks inspirational to some, I doubt making weird and annoying sounds from a pencil will actually turn anyone into a musician overnight, well we can at least hope for that while putting up with the analog nightmare!

Watch the video of the Drawdio Musical Pencil in action: