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A blender is good for making drinks like smoothies and other delicious healthy treats, however there’s quite a bit of cleanup to do after blending. Here’s one clever blender design that uses the same container for blending as well for drinking.

my blend blender tumbler bottle 2

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The bottle blender is a tumbler that can be used both as a tumbler for drinking beverages and be used as a blending container. The cap and blender has been designed to fit, so after you have blended your favorite smoothie recipe, you don’t need to fill it up in another container for drinking.

All you need to do is to change the blending cap to the normal tumbler lid and you’re set. This means that you only need to wash the tumbler once instead of washing both the blender and the container for holding your smoothie.

Since the tumbler holds exactly the same amount one would normally drink, it’s easy to measure the right amount. Simply fill it up with your favorite ingredients, blend it up and you’ll get the perfect amount you need every time.

A clever design for a blender that comes with the ability to transform into a tumbler for drinking.

The Oster My Blend blender tumbler retails for $24.99 from Amazon.