mysterious diy origami paper desk lamp 1

Here’s one colorful lamp that’ll be perfect for origami lovers, a lamp that lets you make and design your own desk lamp with pieces of paper.

mysterious diy origami paper desk lamp 2mysterious diy origami paper desk lamp 3

mysterious diy origami paper desk lamp 4mysterious diy origami paper desk lamp 5

The set comes with the necessary electrical components that will make the lamp light up. However, as for the main feature which is the lamp shade design, it’s all up to you. You will have to come up and source for your paper to fold and assemble them to produce your own unique lamp shade design.

Using different types of paper with different opacities will make the lamp look more sophisticated and using more pieces of paper will also give it a more exquisite look.

Watch the video of the mysterious origami paper folding desk lamp in action below:



Product features:

  • Origami – Paper Folding Mysterious Desk Lamp
  • Take your action right away, bring your creativity and make up your own Desk Lamp!
  • Suggestion: Use different kinds of Paper, different Paper folding shapes
  • More Styles Lamp cover
  • Two Way Power by: USB Cable, AA battery x 3 pieces
  • LED Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Light Mode: Fading, Flash, Still Light
  • Functions: Decoration, Party, Home and Office fun
  • Largest Diameter(approx.): 160 mm
  • Lamp Stick Height(approx.): 174 mm

The mysterious origami DIY paper folding desk lamp retails for $19.90 from Brando Toys.