N64 pc casemod 

Nintendo 64, a video game console from the past has been revived with this PC casemod by polvolrito. This N64 PC casemod is built with functional computer parts that have been assembled and crammed into the shell of an old N64 console bought from a flea market.

N64 pc casemod interior

The PC is made to perform as a media center for the living room and for surfing. While its primary functionality sounds humble, the specs do seem quite decent as it comes with an all-in-one motherboard with a slew of onboard functionalities such as built-in WiFi, audio, HDMI connector and graphics chip.

The interesting part about this project is that the N64 PC casemod was built with a 30GB SSD hard drive. Sounds overkill for a PC in a living room though, but a solid state hard drive was chosen over conventional hard disks to reduce noise and improve loading times. Besides that, Mac OSX was installed as the operating system making this twice as cool.

With a few modifications to the shell and a final coat of white, the N64 PC casemod looks pretty awesome being given a second life as a media center PC in the living room.