nanoblock iphone docking station 1

Here’s one Japanese iPhone dock that’s not only nice to look at but useful as well. This is a nanoblock docking station for the iPhone that let’s one charge and sync their iPhones in additional to providing a base for one to place their nanoblock creations on.

nanoblock iphone docking station 2

Not only does it work like a normal docking station, the nanoblock docking station also allows one to create their own unique iPhone dock based on their creativity.

Anything can be made, such as animals like birds or a holiday scene of the tropics, where it can be placed right beside your iPhone for a beautiful and useful desktop gadget.

Watch the video of the nanoblock iPhone universal dock in action below:



One cool docking station that’s not only practical for day-to-day use but also perfect as a desktop decoration.

The nanoblock iPhone universal docking station comes in 4 colors, white, black, green brown and retails for 3,980 yen from Focal Point Japan.