nanoblock tokyo sky tree kit 1

The Tokyo Sky Tree is a tall broadcasting and observation tower located in Tokyo, Japan and is very much one of the more prominent skyscrapers that has stolen much attention from the Tokyo Tower ever since its beginnings from a blueprint.

Nanoblocks, on the other hand are tiny toy building blocks that can be stacked to create structures from animals and vehicles to skyscrapers. Put a tall skyscraper like the Tokyo Sky Tree and the tiny toy blocks together and you get one nanoblock Tokyo Sky Tree.

nanoblock tokyo sky tree kit 2

nanoblock tokyo sky tree kit 3

This is a nanoblock Tokyo Sky Tree building kit that contains pieces that will test your patience and concentration. Since the blocks are tiny they will take more effort in building and in addition your structure won’t be too big and not take up too much space for you to display your achievement in a display cabinet somewhere in your room.

Watch the video of the building of the Nanoblock Tokyo Sky Tree in action below:



One cool model kit for those who like to build stuff from scratch using model kits and also for Lego lovers.

The obvious difference is that the blocks are much smaller so they are not suitable as toys for young children. They also come in more customized shapes and a huge variety of colors that will make various creations look even more realistic.

The Nanoblock Tokyo Sky Tree kit retails for $43.98 on Amazon.