neocritz transforming pencil case 1

Here’s one useful pencil case that not only works as a pencil case, but can be transformed into a standing stationery holder.

neocritz transforming pencil case 2

The NeoCritz pencil case may look like an ordinary pencil case on the outside, but it comes with a useful function. It is designed to with a fold in the middle that when the pencil case is unzipped, the top half of the case can be overturned. This makes the pencil case stable enough to stand on its side, exposing its contents easily for easy retrieval.

When not in use, it can then be transformed back into its pencil case form and be zipped up for storage and protection of its contents within.

A useful and multipurpose pencil case that will be useful for students.

The NeoCritz transforming pencil case retails for $22 from Amazon.