Now this is one machine that you won’t see anywhere else except in Japan, the Neon Genesis Evangelion pachinko machine! Though the basic gameplay is really similar to the other digital pachinko machines out there, the exciting dramatic scenes and action scenes really bring great enjoyment when something comes up!

The anticipation grows as the scene progresses until the last moment when finally the result is revealed as to whether it is a winning combination.

These games do seem really addictive and the Japanese have made a TV show out of these game machines. Basically the rule in the TV show is to see who gets the most number of winning hands on their pachinko machines within a stipulated time period. It’s pretty exciting to watch when the chance of winning actually comes up and having to feel your anticipation grow until the final result of the hand. Sometimes an unexpected win may even pop up after a failure, causing an uproar.

The following three videos are from a TV show about these machines and particularly on these Neon Genesis Evangelion machines. I watched a few of these videos and I must admit I got quite addicted trying to wait for something to happen on the machines just to watch the dramatic scenes! It’s kinda like watching a show about fishing if you know what I mean, you never know what you gonna get until the very end.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Besides the machines on Evangelion, there are tons of these machines with different themes. Here’s one such pachinko machine featuring a cute Japanese idol. I think it also serves as a cross marketing of some sort where the idol gains exposure, as the machines also provide QR codes to download content such as wallpaper of the idols straight onto the players’ mobile phones.

A game machine called Love Love Pachinko:

The girl featured in this pachinko game is Yuko Ogura, a Japanese idol.