nessie ladle 1

Here’s one cute-looking ladle that does not need a ladle stand, as it stands on its own. This  is modeled to look like the mythical creature the Loch Ness Monster, or known affectionately as Nessie.

nessie ladle 2

nessie ladle 3

The ladle works just like any other ladle out that, but what sets it apart other than the way it looks, is the ability to stand up on vertically. The four nubs that keep it standing are made to look like Nessie’s legs as well, keeping to the whole look and overall design.

With the ladle being able to stand on its own, there will be no need for the tip of the ladle to be laid at the corner of a pot lid or be touching another surface while in use. It can be put to stand on a bowl or saucer until it’s time to stir your pot of soup.

A cute and colorful ladle that will inject fun into the kitchen.

The Nessie ladle retails for $24.70 from Amazon.