cool napkin sketchbook

Some of the great ideas in the world today were conceived on the humble piece of napkin. Therefore, if you are seeking to emulate a stroke of genius that can strike at any time of the day or night, be prepared to have some napkins lying around so you can jot down the details or draw your next big invention and never forget about it ever again.

This interesting sketchbook is no ordinary sketchbook, for it is a sketchbook that has pages that consist of nothing but pieces of napkins! Instead of storing a bunch of napkins in your pocket waiting for an idea to arrive, this great ideas napkin sketchbook will do a better job of storing napkins for that spark of inspiration.

Besides being used for sketching and visualizing ideas from imagination to a tangible form, the pages and pages of napkins can also be used for mindless doodling or can even be torn off and be used like ordinary napkins for wiping off stains during emergencies. The Great Ideas napkin sketchbook comes with 120 pages of napkins per book and retails for $9.99 on Amazon.