The vehicles that zip across the F1 tracks starting this year will perform and look different than that from previous years, thanks to new rules implemented by the Formula-1 Grand Prix authorities.

formula one 2009 red bull racing

The biggest change will be the look of the vehicles, as the front wing goes down and widens up while the rear spoiler becomes more narrow. Overall the cars are much slimmer, all in the bid to increase overtaking in the races.

There’s also KERS, a rechargeable boosting system that can provide the drivers additional horsepower for up to 6 1/2 seconds should the team decide to employ it in the vehicles.

Video that explains the new F1 rules, narrated by Sebastian Vettel:

Looks to be a great season for F1 fans this year, as the drivers will require more skills than ever before to reach the podium.

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