Keeping suits clean has always been quite a chore for professionals today. They need to be dry cleaned and always have to be maintained in good condition for wearing. As reported by the New York Post, designers recently have come up with suits that will never need to be dry cleaned — instead they can go for a spin right in your washing machine at home or at a laundromat.

Machine Washable Suits

Designer Nicole Miller for JCPenney and many other designers have come up with washable materials such as the polyester-Lycra blend fabric for suits that are able to withstand the washing cycle of typical washing machines. When the suit was given to a professional for a try-out, the review came up surprisingly exemplary — the suit not only looked good, it was crease resistant as well!

This new type of apparel will definitely “suit” the hectic lifestyle of professionals today. Time and money can be saved without the mandatory trip to the dry-cleaner’s and the need for any ironing due to the washable and crease resistant fabric of the suits.

via Gizmodiva