ninja style knife magnetic knife holder keychain 1

Back in the old days, when a note had to be taken pretty seriously all it needed was a piece of handwritten note and a sharp object like a knife right into a wooden wall. These days it isn’t pretty safe doing that anymore, but these ninja-style magnetic note holder will do that job while still looking like the real deal.

ninja style knife magnetic knife holder keychain 2

The magnetic ninja knife holders don’t really look like tools owned by a ninja at all, just because they don’t function as tools or a weapon. They look as if they have been cut in half at angle. However the way they are made this way is for them to work perfectly as magnets. Magnets that can be used for holding up notes and memos on a whiteboard or fridge door. All that in the classic and awesome Japanese ninja style that many of us love.

ninja style knife magnetic knife holder keychain 3

Not only can it hold up notes and memos on a magnetic surface, the end of the ninja magnet comes with a hole to be used as a keychain. This way with a bunch of keys hanging it off the end, it becomes a magnetic key holder. When the keys are not needed, they can be stuck on any metal surface to keep the keys in place but not out of plain sight for easy access.

A cool and magnetic gadget that not only works as a note and memo holder, but also a handy keychain holder accessory.

The ninja-style knife magnetic note holder and keychain retails for $17.40 from Amazon.